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Corporate Wellness

Did you know that menopausal women are the fastest-growing workforce demographic?

Can you imagine delivering a project, working with difficult stakeholders, preparing for a pitch or managing a large team with symptoms such as forgetfulness, lack of sleep, bodily aches and pains, depression or anxiety, and feelings of irrational anger? 


These are just some of the symptoms of menopause. But, did you also know that most women are too ashamed to seek help?


How can I help?

I have designed workshops specifically designed for your female leaders who can benefit from 1 to 2 hour sessions on how their diets and lifestyles can affect their experience of menopause. It's also never too early to start so the advice will provide practical tips for women of all ages. I can run these virtually or in-person


  • Workshops start from £250/h

  • Workshops can be followed up with 1-2-1 sessions click here for more information

Menopause in the workplace

*Survey by Forth With Life, sample of 1000 women over 45. 2019.

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